Why Buckle Up?

Buckling up is your best bet to prevent serious injury or death in a crash. It can also save you from a ticket.

Buckling Up Kids

Texas wants to be sure no child is left unbuckled. See which safety seat is right for your child.

Why I Ticket

Ever wonder why police officers pull drivers over and write tickets? Their answers may surprise you.

Photo of Officer

Always Buckle Up

Whether motorists live in a city or a rural area, local law enforcement are ticketing those not wearing their seat belts.

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Rep. Pete Olson

Seat Belts Save Lives

In 2012, seat belts saved an estimated 12,174 people from...

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Who Still Won't Click It?

When the "Click It or Ticket" campaign began in 2002,...

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Pregnant woman putting on a seat belt

Buckling Up for Two

Whether you are in the front seat or back, wearing...

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