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TxDOT Talks to Teens

Posted on May 6, 2010

Did you know that teens have a notoriously low rate of seat belt use and a high rate of fatalities because of it? In fact, almost 50% of all teens involved in fatal crashes weren’t wearing their safety belt. That’s why TxDOT has launched a campaign in five Texas counties with the highest rate of unbuckled teen deaths. Teens in those five counties (Bexar, Dallas, Harris, Hidalgo and Tarrant) are seeing on-campus reminders, hearing radio and seeing outdoor boards that remind them to always wear a seat belt. They’re also seeing increased law enforcement who are ticketing every person in the car not wearing a seat belt—even riders in the back seat.

Teens are encouraged to go to www.seatbeltsrock.com to read stories or see videos from their favorite DJ’s, take interactive quizzes, and register for prizes. In fact, watch this video and then and send it on to your friends. Here’s the cool part: the people you send it to will see their name actually embedded in the video in six places. Here’s the other cool part: if you send it to five friends, you’ll automatically be entered in a contest to win an IPOD Touch donated by State Farm Insurance.

Send a personalized video to your friends!

The campaign to teens is working—in the counties where the campaign is running, seat belt use has increased by almost 10%. With your help, we can make that 100% in every county in Texas—it’s easy. Just buckle up when you’re in a vehicle . . . every rider, every ride.

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