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History of the Seat Belt

Posted on May 20, 2011

The seat belt originated as an idea invented by George Cayley, an English engineer in the early 19th century. However, Edward J. Claghorn of New York was granted the first official patent for the “safety belt” in 1885.

The first modern three-point seat belt, the type used in most vehicles today, was developed in 1955 for Volvo—who introduced it in 1959 as standard equipment.

Nils Bohlin, Swedish engineer of the three-point seat belt

In 1985, a century after the original patent, Texas introduced its first safety belt law. When Texas launched its “Click It or Ticket” campaign in 2002, only 76.1% of the state’s population was buckling up. Today 93.84% of Texans buckle up… we’ve come a long way in safety!

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